Stephanie Gardner Films now accepts Tax Deductible donations!


Stephanie Gardner Films has a Fiscal Sponsorship through Fractured Atlas, a 501(c)3 organization that supports independent artists.  Through Fractured Atlas, Stephanie Gardner Films accepts tax deductible donations to go towards SGF's not for profit filmmaking endeavors, and it allows SGF to apply to grants.  


To learn more or to donate, please visit the Stephanie Gardner Films Fractured Atlas page, here. 


Stephanie Gardner Films is currently seeking donations to go towards post production of

Para Todo Mal...Para Todo Bien:  The Mezcal Trilogy, a triptych of short film dramedies, which explore themes of miscommunication as a result of language barriers and cultural misunderstanding.  Funds raised for post production go towards paying the talented post production team for their services, including an Editor, Sound Designer, Composer, Musicans, Graphic Artists for title design and more.  Principal photography for The Mezcal Trilogy was completed in September, 2016.  To learn more, visit

In 2016 alone, Stephanie Gardner Films raised money to hire 56 individuals from over 8 countries to work on various film projects.


Thank you for your tax deductible contributions!


1)  To create films that celebrate cross cultural connections be it through themes, languages, characters, or collaborations with filmmakers, actors, musicians, crew, and audiences from different countries around the world.


2)  To produce art films of high production value that strive to take its audience into new and unfamiliar territory in an attempt to spark thoughts or feelings, or both. 


3)  To form collaborations with like-minded artists and filmmakers. 


4)  To pay every artist who works on our films.

Stephanie Gardner Films​

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